Green Marketing

The modern consumer prefers organic products or those made using sustainable means.

There has been a significant change in consumer attitudes towards sustainable living in the past few years. The modern consumer prefers organic products or those made using sustainable means. That doesn’t come as a surprise because issues such as global warming, plastics in the ocean and air pollution are a threat to our lives. 

Amidst this migration towards sustainable living, businesses have adopted the green marketing strategy, which aims to draw in such consumers. Marvel Marketing will educate you on green marketing, its benefits, how to implement this concept in your business and anything else you may need to know. 

Green Marketing – What Is It?

There are many types of marketing. Green marketing is when a business highlights the environmental benefits of a product when marketing it. Green marketing, also known as eco-friendly marketing, informs audiences on how products are made. Some of the information that can be mentioned during marketing include; product X is made from recycled materials, free from toxins, made through renewable energy, or organic.

Green marketing is all about companies engaging in eco-friendly production and delivery. By participating in green marketing, a business proves its commitment to sustainable living. As a result, they can attract consumers who share the desire to make the world a better place. 

Incorporating green marketing strategies can be very rewarding for any business. Not only will it bring more customers, but you will save on energy, production and packaging costs. If you are considering engaging in green marketing, it’s important that you are honest about the eco-friendly measures you are taking. Otherwise, when clients find out that you are sharing misleading information, that could significantly affect your brand image. 

What are the Benefits of Green Marketing?

It Taps into a New Market

The modern consumer is well aware of the impacts of industries and businesses on the environment. Some corporations have been in the limelight for how they are manufacturing products through unsustainable means. As clients shift towards eco-friendly living, so should your business. This type of marketing will help you attract this new market. That means more profit for your business. 

Boosts Customer Loyalty

Once customers find out through green marketing, you are producing goods through sustainable means. They will feel more inclined to shop from you. That leads to loyalty. The more loyal customers your business gets, the more revenue you will receive. 

It's a Response to Consumer Demands

You have probably witnessed the high demand for organic products. If your business gets left out in this transition, there is a huge chance that you won’t have any customers in the next few years. In nearly all industries, customers are advocating for sustainable products and practices. You must re-evaluate your business practices to meet your customers’ demands. 

Lowers Production Costs

As much as green marketing attracts new clients, it can significantly lower production costs. Many businesses use a lot of money on energy, water, waste disposal and even construction. If you can switch environmentally conscious manufacturing methods and materials, you will likely notice a decrease in production costs. By lowering such costs, you will maximize profits. 

It Promotes Sustainable Living

At times, marketers tend to deviate from the main goal of green marketing. Your business also lives on this planet. Engaging in sustainability means conserving the environment for our future generations. It wouldn’t be possible for you to run a business in a world ravaged by air pollution, plastic waste and global warming. This initiative can make the world a better and safer place for all of us. 

Don't Confuse Green Marketing with Greenwashing

As you can see from the benefits, green marketing is a practice worth engaging in. But before we list some of the green marketing strategies you can use, we must differentiate it from greenwashing. 

Greenwashing is falsely advertising green products that aren’t manufactured sustainably. Many businesses have done this in the past, and it didn’t go well for all of them. To engage in green marketing, you have to be honest. There are no shortcuts. As you will see when we are listing some of the strategies of green marketing, people need to see proof. And if you mislead your audience, it will damage your reputation. 

How to Make a Business Eco-friendlier?

1. Sell Eco-Friendly Products

The best strategy for green marketing is selling eco-friendly products. Sustainable production has become quite prevalent these days. You will find organic or natural alternatives to products in almost every industry. For instance, we have organic mattresses that contain no toxins and are made using natural materials such as organic cotton. 

When you sell eco-friendly products, you will attract clients who are environmentally conscious of their actions. The same goes for manufacturers. If you want to incorporate green marketing into your business, switch to sustainable production and materials. You can even decide to use recycled materials. As long as your products are made sustainably, it will be much easier for you to succeed in the green market. 

2. Dispose Waste Responsibly

Poor waste disposal methods are some of the things that have damaged our planet. Look at all the plastic floating in the ocean, killing our marine life. As a business, you need to ensure waste is disposed of sustainably. 

3. Switch to Digital Marketing

Not only are traditional marketing methods ineffective, but they are dangerous to the environment. Take fliers and brochures, for example. Most consumers will throw flyers into the trash, and others will send them flying outside their car windows. With digital marketing, you will have eliminated the use of paper. With the help of a digital marketing agency, you can advertise your business and lower your carbon footprint. 

4. Migrate to Renewable Energy Sources

There are plenty of renewable energy sources these days. Examples include wind, solar and geothermal energy. Renewable energy sources aren’t only better for the environment, but they are way cheaper. 

Green Marketing Strategies

The above strategies are meant to transform your business into a company that promotes sustainable living. Because how can you claim you are an environmentally conscious business, yet you don’t practice any of the above? We will be looking at actual green marketing strategies from here going forth. 

1. Apply for Certification

After implementing the above strategies, it’s time to apply for certification. Since customers have no time to visit your business premises and see how you produce your goods. They will look for certifications when shopping. These certificates are given by third-party companies and are used to authenticate your claims. Examples include Green Seal and Green Business Certification Inc. when you get the certificate. You should display it on your website for clients to see. To get a certificate, you must meet certain requirements which revolve around sustainability. 

2. Advertise Your Green Campaigns

The next green marketing strategy entails the use of eco-friendly lingo. If you have taken the measures to ensure your business is sustainable, you must make it known through marketing. You can add the green badges to your website. You can also have your digital marketing agency write articles about going green and even share similar messages on your social media platforms. Green advertising campaigns aim to let your audience know that you are an eco-conscious business. 

3. Ensure Your Business Promotes Sustainability

After sending out green marketing campaigns, you need to stay true to your word. This is important because your customers will research your brand to determine whether your claims are true or false. Your business needs to make sure everything is done in an eco-friendly manner. For instance, you can switch to biodegradable packaging. This is an effective strategy that your business can use to show your willingness to promote sustainability. 

4. Join and Support Eco-friendly Initiatives

The thing about sustainable living is that it requires teamwork. This is why you should join eco-friendly programs. You will enjoy free marketing when your business is associated with such initiatives. If you can afford it, you can also financially support green initiatives in terms of donations. 

Is Green Marketing Worth It?

Green marketing can be very beneficial when it’s done correctly. The majority of consumers today would prefer to buy a product that has no negative impact on the environment. This is why green products have increasingly become popular. Products made through sustainable means are popular amongst consumers of all ages. Products that market or advertise sustainability notice an increase in sales compared to those that don’t. Therefore, engaging in green marketing can be very beneficial to your business. 

Consult the Experts for Professional Green Marketing Solutions

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