Get To the Google 3-Pack with These Simple Marketing Tips


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Search engine optimisation (SEO) success means maximum visibility by getting in the coveted Google 3-Pack. The Google 3-Pack means your company’s or client’s online content is ranked as one of the top three listings whenever netizens search for a particular keyword, product, or service. Aside from its online ads, Google places you in its first page’s top index as one of the highest choices for online users to choose from.

Getting this top spot isn’t exactly rocket science. You don’t need intensive digital marketing services to rank that high. We’ll show you how to be in the Google 3-Pack with these amazingly simple marketing tips.

Fix Your Local SEO

The Google 3-Pack specifically indexes the highest local websites. That said, you need to publish the following information on your website and social media accounts to be recognized by the search engine’s crawler:

  • Address

  • Phone or cellphone number

  • Email address

  • Website link

  • Office hours

  • Ratings

  • Price range

  • Map location

  • Directions

These are important for Google to rank you as a legitimate business and online entity. Details of your working hours, contact details, and location also enable customers to reach you online or physically. Publishing the above information aligns with Google’s efforts to improve UX in SEO, making it convenient for your clients to access you across various channels.

Localise Content

Since you’re servicing a limited area, such as a city, province, or state, the digital marketing content you churn out must match your local SEO.

For instance, if you sell doughnuts in Calgary and the top search keywords are buy doughnuts Calgary, best donuts Calgary, and Calgary best doughnuts, your website pages, social media posts, and SEO articles must reflect those phrases as naturally as possible.

Combined with your published local information, these strategies increase your online visibility since Google can pinpoint to netizens precisely what they’re looking for and where to find it physically or virtually!

Update Your Google My Business (GMB) Information

Since your company is listed on Google’s search engine, it makes total sense to update your GMB info, stat! Aside from your website and social media platforms, a fully updated GMB profile increases visibility, legitimacy, and leads, since not all netizens are familiar with websites or social media.

Publish the same information on your GMB page as with your website and social media account, with the following unique inclusions:

  • Verified Google Maps Location: This again improves the validity of your business existing as an entity.

  • Photos: Pictures replicate the physical experience of visiting your business or branch in real life. These could be the litmus test for customers to see how willing they are to purchase from you.

  • Reviews Management: Always respond to customer feedback and comments. Constant activity proves to Google and netizens that you are indeed in business.

It’s important to note that a GMB is free and acts as free digital marketing for all its users if they follow the above steps.

Optimise Online Sites for Mobile

Since Google prioritises UX for web searches, your online site must be mobile-friendly, meaning they load fast without compromising on content quality. These 12 steps can help, but in a nutshell:

  • Use PNG photos for high quality, small file size.

  • Place a YouTube video link instead of an actual video onto the site.

  • Perform regular testing every time new content is uploaded.


Legitimate information is the key to achieving a place in Google’s prized 3-Pack. Align all your company data across online accounts (website, social media, GMB), so search engines quickly verify you as a real company. In time, these tips will bring in more leads, conversions, and ROI in the years to come for your business.

For services concerning digital marketing in Calgary, speak to us here at Marvel Marketing. We offer web design, SEO, and Google Ads management, among others, so your business can reach the Google 3-Pack it deserves.

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