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Find The Best Instagram Influencers for Your Business

When choosing the best Instagram influencers for your business, you need to consider more than just the number of followers they have and their ability to hype your products or services. Even though these skills come in handy, you need to consider a couple of things. Undoubtedly, Instagram is one of the best platforms to market your business. With the help of Instagram influencers, your campaigns can be more successful. Considering the crucial role influencers play in your campaigns, here are tips on finding the best candidates.

1. Evaluate the Objectives of Your Business

Most business owners make the mistake of rushing to hire influencers without analyzing their objects first. As beneficial as Instagram influencers are, not every business needs them. So, the first thing you need to ask is – does my business need influencers?

If your goals are; increasing Instagram followers, increasing leads, or brand awareness, then hiring an influencer is the right move. Influencers can introduce your brand to a bigger audience through their vast following, increasing traffic and leads. Also, if you are new to Instagram, an influencer can recommend your business, and you will gain followers.

While still evaluating the goals of your business, the other thing you need to confirm is the personality of your influencer. The best influencer for your business should be one whose career is related to your products or service. If you sell beauty products or clothes, a model influencer is the best pick. You need to take the time and filter through influencers who can resonate with your brand.

2. Hire an Influencer with Genuine Engagement

The goal of any marketing campaign is to engage the audience. No matter how much following your influencers have, if they can’t create meaningful engagements, then they may not be suitable for your business. 

Contrary to popular opinion, the more followers an Instagram influencer has, the less engagement their posts tend to have. A smaller following allows one to target a particular audience. Unfortunately, most influencers these days have fake followers and likes. So, don’t be misled by the numbers. 

How can you know an influencer creates genuine engagement? Start by reading through the comments. If all their posts are filled with emojis or comments that don’t make sense, move on to the next influencer on your list. The best influencer should be able to create a discussion in the comment section. That will be evident if the comments are relevant to the influencer’s posts. 

Another way to determine whether an influencer creates genuine engagement is by looking for real connections. A good influencer will post and tag friends in comments where you will see honest reactions. 

3. Focus on Hashtags that Relate to Your Business

Instead of explaining what your business does to influencers, look for those who are already into your niche. Hopping onto related hashtags is an excellent way for you to find such influencers.

There are some tips on how you should go about this; 

  • Use low-density keywords. Instagram hashtags can be very diverse if you use high-density keywords. If you search #cosmetics, you will get millions of posts using such a hashtag. But if you search #CalagaryCosmetics, the number of posts will be lower. This tactic will help you narrow down suitable influencers. 
  • You can use other hashtags as long as they are relevant. For instance, instead of cosmetics, you can use beauty products.

4. Opt for an Influencer Platform

On the surface, finding an influencer can seem easy but wait till you get started. If the above options fail, you can always use influencer platforms such as Influencer, Revfluence, NeoReach, Upluence, and Tap Influence.

Influencer platforms make finding an influencer easy by allowing you to search using various parameters like the number of followers, niche of specialization, and experience. You can hire several influencers on these platforms and get access to real-time analytics. These platforms are different. You, therefore, have to research which has better features.

Final Thoughts

Instagram influencers can improve the impact of your marketing campaigns. The problem is finding the right one for your business. For companies finding it hard to narrow down the best influencers for their companies, Marvel Marketing’s social media marketing managers have the experience of looking for influencers that genuinely engage their followers. We can find the best influencers that fit your brand and run social media marketing campaigns on your behalf. Give us a call through 1-800-427-7113 so that we can talk about your marketing objectives and which Instagram influencers can be right for you.

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