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Top 5 Facebook Ad Tips for Better ROI

Facebook ads keep on evolving every year. And so should your marketing strategies. If you use old strategies in the new Facebook ads, you may not get much ROI. To prevent that from happening, here are five Facebook ad tips that will boost return on investment. 

1. Re-evaluate Your Facebook Advertising Funnel

Facebook tracking isn’t what it used to be in the past. These days, many of its users have opted in on being tracked only while using the app. This is a change that was brought about in the new iOS update. As a result, Facebook cannot notice what’s happening beyond its platform. Gone are the days when Facebook could find clients that seem potential for your business. 

With that strategy no longer in play, you need to re-evaluate your Facebook advertising funnel. Instead of focusing Facebook ads around your website, you need to center them within Facebook. It still provides businesses with tracking features. You can use these to generate leads or even boost conversions by running a Facebook shop. 

Despite the changes that Facebook may have experienced, ads on this platform can still be beneficial. You have to rethink how to leverage these new changes in your favor. 

2. Run More Engagement Ads

The best Facebook ads are those that spark engagement. When creating a new campaign, Facebook allows you to choose the nature of the campaign. You can opt for brand awareness, reach, traffic, lead generation, engagement, and many others. 

By choosing engagement and narrowing it down to post engagement, you will get more shares, comments, and likes on your Facebook posts. There are a couple of benefits your business can get from engagement ads. First, it will allow you to interact with most potential clients. It is much easier for an audience to buy from your brand if they have interacted with it in the past. 

Secondly, engagements build trust and loyalty amongst consumers. Through these posts, customers will grow to trust your brand and provide you with their payment information, and be assured of the quality of your services or products. 

Engagement ads also lead to the bandwagon effect whereby people trust you more when they see that many people have liked your ads. When you finally build a big audience, what follows is to target and bring them much closer to your marketing funnel. 

3. Utilize Video Content

On Facebook, video content is the most preferred mode of consuming information. Videos tend to offer graphic appeal and retain your audience’s attention for longer. Most business owners shy away from using videos in Facebook marketing campaigns because they claim they don’t have cameras or access to powerful editing software. 

Well, there is more to video marketing than that. You can create a simple video in minutes with a smartphone in your hands. Adding a touch of creativity can go a long way in boosting ROI from Facebook ads. As you look into videos for Facebook ads, you should also consider TikTok. This is the next big thing. 

4. Use Reels and Story Ads

If you are fascinated by TikTok, you should know that Reels are the Facebook version of TikTok. They are short videos designed to suit the new generation who have a shorter concentration span. Reels and stories which last for a day have gradually become the best mediums for you to run ads. 

Reels and story ads are a brunch of video marketing, and they can help you reach a bigger audience in a shorter duration. As you venture into reels and story ads, you need to hit the nail directly on the head. Reels and story ads last for seconds, and therefore you should address the issue directly. You have to do so creatively so that you don’t lose the viewers’ interest. 

5. Try Out New Targeting Options

In the iOS update, Facebook removed many targeting options. You must update your targeting options with things that may work best for you. For instance, you could broaden your target. What this does is that it shows your ads to people who may not be ideally within your chosen demographics but can relate or have interest in your product or service. Another pro tip is to retarget page likes, engagements, video views, and other Facebook actions. 

Facebook advertising requires a hands-on approach if you want to achieve results. Our social media managers and advertising experts can offer a helping hand if you run into any difficulties. Marvel Marketing offers effective Facebook advertising solutions to boost traffic, conversions, and ROI. Contact us today at 1-800-427-7113.

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