5 Types of Content for Better Local SEO

Content for Better Local SEO

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A while back, ranking for local SEO was very easy. All you had to do was include your name, address, and phone number on your website, utilize directory links, and you would be done. However, competition is becoming fiercer, and you have to up your game if you want to thrive in your local market. Content can help you with that. And we aren’t talking about one type of content but as many types as you can add to your site.

Many small business owners dread content creation because of how time-consuming it can be. But, it is one of the ways your business can stand out. Below are five types of content that can improve your local SEO.

1. City-Specific Landing Page

The best way for your site to rank for local keywords is by using city-specific landing pages. If your business serves residents of various locations, you must have multi-location landing pages. For companies that are very serious about SEO, you can have location-specific web pages. The latter best suits large enterprises that have a bigger marketing budget. Having city-specific landing pages for a small company or startup will help you establish dominance. As you create these pages, remember that landing page content should be persuasive, direct to the point, and interesting.

If city-specific landing pages look like a lot of work, you can always opt to create state or regional landing pages. These can help you get closer to your audience and drive quality leads to your site.

2. FAQ Pages

Gone are the days’ FAQ pages were only used on sites that deal with technical stuff. Nowadays, even on a restaurant website, there must be an FAQ page. These pages can significantly improve local SEO by providing answers to your audience. Other than FAQ pages can boost your rankings on search engine result pages.

3. Specials

There is nothing that local clients love more than discounts and special offers. In your city or town, word travels fast if you are giving a discount or have an offer on certain products and services. If you give your local clients such incentives, your brand will benefit from increased awareness. Have you ever visited a site and seen an offer labeled as ‘locals only’? This is a strategy that works wonders for local SEO. When you offer a location-specific offer, you appeal to your local clients by making them feel special. Feel free to seek influencer services when advertising specials.

4. Host Local Events

Is there a better way for you to be part of the community than hosting local events? It’s not a must for you to go big and host a festival for 5,000 people. If you are running a startup, you may not have the financial muscle to engage in such. But, you can be creative and host a simple event. Be it a charity car wash, a free educational class, or a festival that in some way relates to your brand.

These festivals are a means of entertaining your local audience. Through that, you improve local SEO. There is a popular marketing move done by several bars that entail hosting happy hours weekly. This is an excellent incentive that draws more people to your website. If you are hosting a local event, make sure that you advertise it on your site and social media channels.

5. Blog Content

Blog content will always be the heart of any SEO campaign. In a competitive local market, blog posts enhance your SEO efforts by attracting quality traffic. In a local setting, your blog posts should appeal to the local audience. We refer to creating posts that will be helpful to your audience. How-to posts are a great idea. Because of your knowledge and experience in that area of study, you must write quality and authentic blog content.

Final Thoughts

The sooner you start creating local content. The bigger your audience will grow. Even though placing contact information on your website is an integral part of local SEO, you still need to create the above types of content if you want to grow revenue. If you don’t know where to start, feel free to consult our Marvel Marketing SEO Specialists.  

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