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Jeff at beyond bronze started his tanning salon and spa business 5 years ago in Silverado, the SW community of Calgary, AB. Providing his customers with upscale tanning, laser treatments and spa experiences. Jeff realized that he needed to update his website and start implementing and online marketing strategy. Jeff came to Marvel Marketing and asked us to help him with this, and we were happy to do so.

The Problem...

We looked at Beyond Bronze’s current website at the time and realized it was outdated and not up to par with other local salons. This is a problem as visitors can lose trust when your website is not up-to-date. We also came across the issue with the structure of the website causing a slow experience for website visitors which can dramatically effect SEO efforts in a negative way. Beyond Bronze just wasn’t receiving the phone calls, website visitors or foot traffic it needed to thrive as a local business.

The Solution...

We knew that a new website had to be built and an effective Local SEO campaign needed to be implemented.

WordPress Website:

Beyond Bronze needed a website that reflected their upscale experience and services. People need to see and visualize the experience that Beyond Bronze provides.

This is exactly what we did, we built a new website on WordPress with a design that reflected Beyond Bronze. We added up-to-date, current information with updated layouts to all the pages, integrated google maps to show the location of the salon and created a new contact page making it easy for people to reach out.

Search Engine Optimization

Beyond Bronze had a fair score when it came to our SEO audit. There was a few things like mobile optimization, site speed, SEO content and picture optimization that needed to be addressed. 

With those just being the on-page SEO tasks, we addressed all of them with the new web design. We then moved on to doing off-page SEO tasks which is currently active and seeing steady positive progress. We will continue our monthly SEO with Beyond Bronze until all services are ranking on google search results. We expect this to take 6-9 months to achieve.

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July 2018 – Present


Calgary, AB


Beyond Bronze Tanning & Spa


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