In the world of business, it has become imperative to have business brochures, flyers, signage, logos, books, magazines, etc. for branding purposes of the company. Graphic designs play an essential role in the success or failure of your company in the competitive world of business.

Hubspot defines marketing as “the process of getting people interested in your company’s product or service”

Logo Design The Core Of Your Brand

Logo design is the most important stage in the creation of corporate identity. The logo is a fundamental part of any branding project and it’s quality directly affects the future of brand development. A well designed logo allows us to identify and outline your company from your competitors, create the right image of the company, and in the eyes of your potential consumers.


We are the Calgary graphic design company to help tell your story to the world. The creative process of graphic design is a team effort. You need to work closely with the graphic designers to explain the brand identity of your business. This will entirely and utterly influence their design options. Remember that tone of voice and brand essence must come through loud and clear in the visual message.


Graphics can be photographs, drawings, paintings or be created using top notch design software. A graphic design with little supporting text has to carry the complete message and a great design team must use all of their creative skills to get this just right.


The main visual message is captured with words alone. The designer’s expertise is in the style, the size, color and placement of the words. A designer also knows how to use white space around the words advantageously.


A graphic design with a combination of an image with supporting words is an option. An experienced graphic designer will know how best to balance the two within the design to create that all so important eye catching end-result.

create that captivating visual communication

It’s fair to say that there is far more to professional graphic design than meets the eye. You see countless professional designs on everything from billboards, magazines, product packaging to outdoor signage. They are all so well designed that you take it for granted. It’s only once you examine each with a critical eye that you start to appreciate the use of color, image and layout.We are your Calgary Graphic Design team.


Graphic design; the pillar of branding and it has been displayed across the world. Look at Sir Richard Branson, Oprah Winfrey, Dwayne Johnson, Gary Vaynerchuk just to name a few who have built massive brands. Graphic design tells a story of your company, service or even yourself. Just think about Apple and technology or Under Armour and fitness – they have both been massive disruptions in their respected industries.


This is creative brainstorming and planning. You’ll do this all the time as your brand grows, but obviously a good portion is done at the beginning.


This is where you do the actual work of creating the stuff needed for your brand. You will always be making, whether it’s new products, product improvements, or new marketing content.


This is telling the story of your brand, essentially the “branding” part. The brand you’ve built is put to the test as its success is dependent upon how people react to what you’re sharing.