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Cohesive branding strategies aren’t top of mind for many companies. When they do get around to making one and actually implementing it, it’s essentially an afterthought. It’s not very smart in the long run, especially for companies hoping to really turn a profit. In this day and age, that’s practically vital.

According to research, strong branding will generate plenty of profits and sales. Actually taking the time to define and build a brand will lead to a great edge over the competition.

Read on to learn more about branding strategies and tactics that you can use for your business:

Connect on an Emotional Level

90% of all communication is practically non-verbal, most psychologists find. This is why unlocking certain emotions in audiences can go a long way. Colours are a great way to do this if they’re used effectively, such as:

  • Blue (for water and the like)
  • Green (for environmental themes)
  • Red (for a sense of urgency)

Music can also have a lasting effect. A great example of this is Intel’s TV commercials, whose ending musical notes have become so iconic to the brand that they’ve trademarked it.

Do Market Research and Make Sure It’s Effective

There are quite a few questions that need to be answered to establish parameters for the branding endeavour to go well:

  • What level of brand awareness is there, if any?
  • What is the general market view of the brand?
  • What is the customer perception of the brand when compared to the competition?
  • What characteristics are associated with the brand by customers?

Accurate responses will be best found through market research. As a bonus, there will also be plenty of feedback that can be used for a branding exercise down the line.

Brand research is done through interviewing focus groups and customers. Experts can be hired for customer surveys to be conducted. They will also be able to try out online survey tools that are either low-cost or downright free.

Ensure That the Brand Name Gets Your Message Across Well

Identifying the needs and wants of customers is only one part of things. The other end is about meeting these desires and preferences with a product or service. That’s where the brand name really well and truly matters. It’s ideal to be as specific as possible. A brand identity for each service offered or product on sale is a great way to beat redundancy through company name repetition.

Zero in on a Unique Value Proposition

It’s important for a brand to have something that stands out to customers. Consider the factors that would make them pick you over your competitors. Look into dependability, longevity, and even affordability or price points.

Unique styling can make all the difference, especially for manufactured goods, fashion, or furnishings.


Branding is vital for companies; strong brands go beyond a great logo and catchy name. There are plenty of strategies and tactics that will get the job done, including connecting on an emotional level, zeroing in on a unique proposition, and ensuring the brand name gets the message across well.

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