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The Best WordPress SEO plugins in 2022

Plugins play a pivotal role in improving user experience and WordPress SEO. If you are new to WordPress, the first thing that will blow your mind is the many plugins available for use. Though each plugin is beneficial in its own way, not all will positively impact your search engine optimization efforts. Below, we have handpicked the best WordPress SEO plugins in 2022.

Yoast SEO

Yoast is an easy-to-use plugin that best suits beginners. It offers tons of useful features like page optimization, where you can easily manage URLs, descriptions, and page titles. It allows you to give an SEO report on the blog post, improving optimization. Yoast offers a configuration of google console where you can authenticate a website with the Google search console. It also provides Robots.txt, a file that tells search engine pages to crawl and which ones not to crawl. You can also change the robot.txt via your Yoast SEO plugin, making it easy to use. In addition, your robot.txt file is covered from accidental overwrite. Yoast SEO also features an automatic XML sitemap which gives the search engine a list of pages to crawl on site. This makes your website more reliable hence good for SEO.


This plugin helps manage redirects from retired URLs. The redirection plugin is easy to use, more secure, and receives regular updates. It also helps you report errors on the server, such errors are 404 errors, and it also includes information of how it got that error. It can be difficult to trace this error manually, especially with a big site. Redirection is a perfect tool for monitoring these errors. 

Easy Table of Content

This is great for user experience, making it suitable for your SEO. The easy Table of content SEO plugin creates a table of content that a reader can use for important content. It also contains an automated feature that adds an HTML table to the website. It automatically generates links based on the content that appears on the webpage. One can configure the style of the content table within plugin settings.

WP Super Cache

We know page speed is critical for ranking. WP Super cache helps improve page speed across the site. All you need to do is install the plugin and turn on caching features. This plugin tests the loading speed of different web pages on a website.

Rank math

It is an excellent WordPress SEO plugin that helps in website content optimization. It provides real-time insight into the content without you leaving the WordPress dashboard. It also optimizes meta titles and descriptions with a snippet preview, reducing SERP errors. The best thing about rank math is that it is optimized for better speed hence not affecting website loading speed.


This WordPress SEO plugin is great for analytics and performance. It delivers googles analytics data in a user-friendly interface. It shows how people search and engage in your website and has a content reporting feature to monitor the most visited pages. MonsterInsight can help you streamline, gather and interpret your data without logging in to your Google analytic account.

Really Simple SSL

This WordPress SEO plugin ensures a secure connection via an SSL certificate. You can buy and configure an SSL certificate by hosting providers, but you also need to configure the domain recognized setup, which can be difficult. Really Simple SSL SEO plugin makes the configuring process easy by using the WordPress interface. Really Simple SSL plugin will ensure the encryption protocol is continuously updated to avoid cyberattacks.

WP internal link Juicer

It is designed to help in website optimization of internal link structure. WP internal link juicer will automatically link keywords in comments, phrases, and posts in your blog. It conveniently helps create internal links and simultaneously avoids fraudulent SEO use that will result in legal penalties.


These WordPress SEO plugins will help increase your website’s visibility and rankings if used appropriately. They will improve your accessibility of content and increase website traffic. It is essential to consider WordPress SEO plugins to enhance your website authenticity and rankings. And also to avoid duplication of your content. If you are still unsure which WordPress SEO plugins are ideal for your site; Marvel Marketing can help narrow down your choices. Book a consultation with us today.

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