Best places to work remotely in Calgary

Best places to work remotely in Calgary

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Are you looking for a great place in Calgary (YYC) to work remotely? In this article we will provide you with the best places to work remotely in Calgary in this guide.

At Marvel Marketing we know working remotely has become the norm and especially during the Covid 19 pandemic. Most people prefer working remotely as they’re able to manage their hours and improve productivity. Although working remotely is very exciting, most people find it difficult to work from home. The challenges associated with working from home include isolation, low productivity, and overlap between work and personal life. This shouldn’t deter you from enjoying the flexibility of working remotely as there are ideal working spaces in Calgary.

So, lets go through some of the best spots in the city you should check out.

Analogue Coffee

Like any busy street, 17th avenue has plenty of endearing cafes and coffee shops scattered all along. Analogue Coffee is the mainstay coffee shop here founded by three-loving brothers located in Bow Valley Square, 17th avenue, and other locations across the city.

The comfortable, spacious sitting locations are perfect if you want to get some work done. Their excellent coffee roasted coffee will keep you energized as you work. Analogue coffee also produces mouthwatering pastries such as croissants to fuel you as you work.

The decor and portrays on the walls are worth your gaze as you take breaks between your tasks.

Analog Coffee Bow Valley Square

5 Ave SW #205, Calgary, AB T2P 3G6

Phone: (403) 910-5961

Analog Coffee 17 Ave

740 17 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2S 0B7

Phone: +14039105959

Memorial Park Library

The memorial park library, located in the south of Calgary’s downtown, is the best place to be if you love working from quiet educational hubs. This library has an elegant interior making it a perfect place to work from.

The children’s space is perfect for parents who want to tag along and work without being disturbed. The memorial park library has well-equipped meeting rooms, and you can meet here for business pitching or team building with your workmates.

Internet connectivity is a basic requirement for working remotely, and thankfully, you’ll be provided with free Wi-Fi. Computers and printers are also available to help you carry out your tasks without any challenges.

Memorial Park Library

1221 2 St SW, Calgary, AB T2R 1N8

Phone: (403) 260-2600

Gravity Espresso & Wine Bar

Gravity Espresso & Wine Bar is a perfect relaxing ambient environment where creatives and freelancers can work efficiently. The wooden furniture and well-spaced tables are perfect, especially for people who like this traditional-like design when working or studying.

The outdoor space is also perfect if you want to take a break or carry out simpler tasks to catch a breath of fresh air. The live music will entertain your eardrums and rejuvenate you as you work.

You have a variety of drinks to choose from, such as coffee, beer, cocktails, and wine. There is definitely something for everyone. Sweet homemade food and baked goods are available anytime you feel hungry.

Gravity Espresso & Wine Bar

909 10 St SE, Calgary, AB T2G 0S7

Phone: (403) 457-0697


Workhaus, located in the Barclay Centre, is a beautiful and spacious coworking space for people working remotely. This hub has a great and vibrant community, and thus you have people to interact with, unlike at home. Networking is part of life, and at Workhaus, you’ll get an opportunity to meet and interact with passionate entrepreneurs, freelancers, creatives, and other professionals.

There are many work areas to choose from, depending on your preference. The hot desks enable you to work in the open and airy lounge spaces. Here, you can interact with other people as you work. Dedicated desks are available if you want a workstation with lockable storage for your items.

If you’re working as a team, private offices are available and are fully furnished to make your experience smooth. If you’re looking for flexible accommodation for your business, get the corporate package.


Workhaus – Core

606 4 St SW #1100, Calgary, AB T2P 1T1

Phone: (403) 488-4497


Tradespace gives a blend of a collaborative and flexible vibe of a coworking space. Tradespace offers members a flexible workspace area with couches, tables, and a cafe. The funky lighting, concrete floors, and wooden tables, and finishes offer make Tradespace Elegant.

The garden space between the office space and the warehouse is the coolest spot for fresh air. Conference rooms and private offices are available with all necessary amenities. The warehouse provides enough storage if you wish to leave your essentials here.


4030 8 St SE, Calgary, AB T2G 3A7

Phone: +14037544338

Wrapping Up

Analogue Coffee, Memorial Park Library, Gravity Espresso & Wine Bar, Workhaus, and Tradespace are perfect workspace in Calgary. So wether you do Calgary SEO services, remote web design in Calgary or doing any other work remotely, now you know the places to check out in YYC. These ambient workplaces enable you to network, increase your productivity and stay focused when working remotely. Try one of the above workspaces, and you will not regret it.

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