5 Tips on Attracting New Customers in Marketing Campaigns

Attracting New Customers in Marketing Campaigns

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You can spend endless hours developing a fantastic concept and honing your product or service, but all future development is dependent on one critical factor: your ability to recruit new consumers and keep them long-term.

Acquiring new clients may appear straightforward, but in today’s oversaturated industry, it can be a pretty challenging venture. If you don’t stay current and change your marketing methods, you can have trouble keeping your sales funnel full.

1. Content marketing

Content is the cornerstone of marketing because it gives your campaigns something to share and promote. Whether it’s a blog post, ebook, manual or video, you’ll have something your target audience can use and engage with. It also generates around three times as many leads as conventional marketing strategies while costing 62 percent less.

Consistently producing new material — and renewing old — keeps your brand relevant and demonstrates to prospects that you are actively involved in your industry. This is critical in a world of deceptive advertising and dwindling client trust.

2. Highly targeted advertising

Spotify has 200 million active users, but they target individual listeners with ads based on their listening habits. This allows them to be highly relevant, personal and memorable. We’re all bombarded with marketing messages daily — why would we choose yours over the others?

People trust your brand when you speak directly to them. This is why highly targeted advertising is the best way to ignite new interest in your brand.

3. Retargeting

In the same way that you might try to talk to your friends more when you leave a social event, retargeting allows you to follow up with your website visitors and “warm” leads — those that have already engaged with your brand.

This is a must for e-commerce businesses, but for other businesses, it’s still an effective way to re-engage people who have been on your website. Youtube, Facebook and Google all have retargeting tools that you can use to drive traffic back to your site.

4. Outreach and partnerships

If you’re looking to generate sales from new prospects, the first thing to do is find the influencers in your niche and build a relationship.

Influencers have the most to gain from recommending your products or services to their audiences, and they’re eager to do so. In fact, 78% of content marketers say influencer marketing is essential for their business.

5. Prioritize Benefits Over Features

To some extent, listing features might assist market your goods but don’t forget about the user experience. Highlighting the benefits of your product is a more direct method to communicate to your clients and show them what they will gain by choosing your company over another.

List the characteristics concisely, but emphasize the advantages. Consider your customer’s challenges and go into detail about how your solution solves those difficulties. This allows you to stand out and demonstrate to customers what makes your business special.

6. Start a Lead Generating Site

A lead-generating website is excellent for brands of all sizes and all industries.

Choose an industry, write a guide and start bringing in consistent leads via referrals and traffic. One of the most effective ways to do this is by creating an ebook on a relevant topic and offering it for free in exchange for contact details.


There is no secret formula that can guarantee your company a consistent stream of new customers. While customer acquisition initiatives like market research are necessary, you must build from there. It’s an iterative process to determine which techniques are most suited to your company.

However, the five described above are, for the most part, evergreen and, when done correctly, are sure to work for any firm.

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