Advanced SEO Strategies for Your Calgary Business

SEO Strategies

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Nowadays, everyone knows about SEO, and many business owners engage in basic search engine optimization practices. In Calgary, however, there are many businesses, which means that the competition is high. If you want to be at the top, you must take a step higher, which entails using advanced Calgary SEO techniques. Irrespective of whether you are just getting started or have been engaging in SEO for a while now, these advanced strategies will put your website at the top of pages and increase web traffic and sales.

A pro tip you need to familiarize yourself with before you can start reading this list is that – the more techniques you use, the higher your chances are of success. Therefore, do not hesitate to implement all the tips below.

Improve Existing Content

There is one common misconception about content and SEO. A lot of Calgary business owners think that new content is better in terms of SEO. People don’t know that new content takes longer to drive traffic and rank higher than old content. With the latter, upgrading allows you to get more traffic and rank higher on search engine result pages.

To improve old content, go through your existing articles and see if they align with new trends and facts. In case you had content that was ranking very well and started to become less visible, that is a sign that it needs updating. For instance, if your posts are about 2020, change them to 2021, and next year don’t forget to do the same. Looking up a performance report can help you see old content that is declining in ranks.

Incorporate Topic Clusters

For those of you who may not be familiar with topic clusters, these are groups of text that revolve around the same topic. They are often linked using a pillar page. Topic clusters make content easy to understand and consume. Other than that, topic clusters are an indication that the content is relevant, and it also shows your level of expertise in that niche. Compared to posting a single piece of content on your site, having topic clusters makes you an expert in the field, and this SEO technique establishes your brand.

Perform Frequent Content Audits

Not every content you post on your site will rank well. Others won’t perform so well, affecting your site’s overall rankings. A content audit showcases the underperforming ones. You can therefore improve or get rid of them. The choice is yours. Never post content and forget about it. Depending on your niche, audits should be done at least once or twice a year.

Look Into Your Log Files

This is an advanced SEO technique that many Calgary businesses aren’t familiar with. When you look into your log files, you can see where the crawl budget is wasted. You can also identify web pages that search engines aren’t crawling through regularly. And finally, log files will show crawl errors experienced on your site.

With this information in your hands, you can fix these issues and ensure Google crawl seamlessly on your site. When utilized optimally, this strategy can take your Calgary business many steps ahead.

Optimize Your Site for Speed

Another crucial aspect of SEO is page speed optimization. If it takes minutes for your web pages to load, this will drive both consumers and Google algorithms away. For years, page speed has been a crucial ranking factor. If your site loads slower than that of your competitors in Calgary, you will lose many opportunities to make conversions.

Add Video Content

Written content has dominated the digital space for a very long time now. Closely following behind is video content. Currently, YouTube is the most popular search engine. YouTube videos receive more than a billion views per day. Not many Calgary business owners realize how useful video content is. As you venture into creating video content, do not forget about optimizing them. This includes using relevant keywords, metadata, and much more.

Advanced SEO techniques aren’t easy to implement and require skill. However, the results will be worth your efforts and dedication. SEO strategies are ever-changing, and you need to keep up with these trends if you want your Calgary business to thrive. Because some of these SEO tactics can be a bit overwhelming, a reputable digital agency such as Marvel Marketing can assist you.

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