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5 Reasons Why Blogs Are Important

How important are blogs as a means of content marketing? There is no doubt that having a blog, or creating a website that holds original and interesting content, is vital for maintaining an online strategy. Marvel Marketing spends a great deal of time writing blog posts and we wanted to share with you “5 Reasons Why Blogs Are Important” and why you should consider using them in your own business.

1. Creating brand awareness

A blog is a way of treating your website as an ongoing open discussion with your website visitors about your products and services, along with various ways they can use those products and services. Creating engagement will bring visitors back to your website and can eventually turn those visitors into customers.

2. Proving your topic expertise

A blog is a great way to build credibility and trust with your customers. It can also help increase your search engine rankings by including news, tips, and advice that you can share with your readers. Increased traffic, more leads and clients, and a better company reputation — these are just a few of the many benefits of creating and publishing your own content.

3. Helping to boost search rankings

Blogs can do lots of wonderful things for your site including increasing your keyword density, improving your internal linking structure and providing fresh content to Google on a regular basis. Google has made it clear that blogs are a great way to improve your search results. If you want to rank on the first page, then you need to develop great content. This is your chance to show your potential consumers that not only are you reliable but that you are knowledgeable as well.

4. Humanizing your business

Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, blogging provides many value-added benefits. Blogging connects your customers to the human side of your business. Transparency is vital in today’s market. People want to know who they are purchasing from, and have trust in that brand.

5. Assists in SEO (search engine optimization)

You can use your article to target long-tail keywords you wouldn’t otherwise rank for on your website. It’s an incredible opportunity to target search queries like “botox injections under the eyes,” to “how to exfoliate properly”. For bloggers, that type of variety is the bread and butter of their readers. Give them an answer no one else has given them, give them access to experts in your industry.

A blog is a central location where you can post new content, where it’s written and pushed out to people who are reading it. Search engines love this because they crawl through the process of figuring out what your site is all about. Knowing that you are providing up-to-date content will then be registered into their system as an important web resource which will overall help your search engine optimization efforts.

Blogs are your online personality. A personality that can help you increase your brand’s authority in search engines. Authority is good, but not only that – authority also means that you’re more likely to be featured in Google News results pages, which improves organic visibility in the SERPs (search engine results page) for terms closely related to your business.

These are all integral parts of maintaining a website that will ultimately improve your business. So, why are blogs important? Your blog will provide you with tons of information over time. It’s like an encyclopedia of all your hard work, victories, and defeats. It also serves as a place that will urge your customers/clients to come back for more.

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