10 Signs You Need a Website

signs you need a website

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Every business nowadays has a website. It has become a necessity if you want to survive the competition. The problem with websites is that they become obsolete after a while. With new trends and search engine algorithms being released every year, it’s crucial that you keep up. Most business owners think that an outdated web design and layout is the only reason you should get a new website. Even though this is an obvious clue, there are more signs. If you are uncertain whether a new website is right for you, here are ten signs you should create a new site for your business/company. 

1. Your site has Become Unresponsive

A functional website should be responsive on all devices, including mobile phones and tablets. In case your site is unresponsive, it’s high time that you get a new one. An unresponsive site can hurt your SEO and lead to huge losses in the long run. 

2. It Takes Forever for Pages to Load

Majority of online consumers are impatient. They can’t wait for more than 5 seconds for your pages to load. If a website takes long to load, they close it and look for information elsewhere. A slow site can make you lose lots of sales to competitors. Getting a new site can solve this problem once and for all. 

3. High Bounce Rates

High bounce rates are caused by slow page speeds and unresponsive sites. As you will realize later on, most website issues are connected and lead to the same outcome – a decline in revenue. Getting a fresh web design can lower bounce rates and ensure consumers spend more time on your site. 

4. You have Recently Rebranded Your Business

Your website is the face of your business on the internet. It should therefore portray your branding. If you have rebranded, chances are your old website doesn’t reflect your current brand. This can be confusing to existing and potential clients. A new website can reduce this confusion by incorporating all aspects of your new brand. 

5. It Looks Outdated

Aesthetics matter! Clients feel more inclined to browse your site if it has an appealing design and layout. Old websites feature outdated designs, layouts and content. If yours falls in this category, you should get a new website with a modern and aesthetically pleasing design. 

6. Your Website is Hard to Navigate

Here at Marvel Marketing, we refer to this as bad UI (user experience). As the website owner, it can be easy for you to find your way around. But is it the same for someone visiting your site for the first time? If the navigation is complex or some content is hidden, the bounce rates will be increasingly high. 

7. You are Unable to Update Content

Being unable to update content on your website can be frustrating. This is an issue you don’t have to experience when you upgrade to a new website developed through a robust content management system like WordPress. Marvel Marketing can recommend reliable CMS’s that will enable you to update content and several other features. 

8. Your Competitors Websites are Getting More Traffic

If you realize during research that your competitor websites are doing better than yours, getting a new one might help you stay ahead of the game. A new website will respond better to SEO and marketing, which can help you build your brand.

9. Your SEO Efforts are Futile

If you are practicing the best SEO techniques, you should realize a boost in rankings. But if you aren’t, your old website could be interfering with your SEO campaigns. 

10. Your Gut Feeling is Telling You to Do So

Do you ever get that feeling that you should get a new phone or laptop? Well, that’s the same for websites. If you feel like it’s time to get a new site, don’t hesitate to do so. 

Irrespective of your reasons, getting a new website comes with many benefits. If you are already thinking about getting a new website, then chances are you should. Marvel Marketing can create a graphically appealing, functional, and personalized website for your business. We have the most skilled and experienced web designers and developers. Get in touch with us via 1-800-427-7113, and let’s discuss what you are looking for in a website. 

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